Top Tips for Refreshing Your First Aid Knowledge

When you take the time to complete a first aid course, you'll soon find that you won't often have the chance to put all your training into practice. Because of this, it's wise to refresh your knowledge periodically. By doing so, you'll make sure your knowledge stays current and you'll remain prepared for medical emergencies.

Take a Look at the Kit

If you're one of the appointed first aiders in your workplace, take a look at the available kit from time to time. While doing so, consider which parts of the kit could prove useful in different scenarios. This is especially important when it comes to dressings and bandages, as different ones are applicable to different injuries.

Looking at your company's first-aid kit helps you get to know what's in there too. By having a rough idea of where everything is located, you can respond faster in an emergency and you'll feel more confident in your first aid decisions.

Designate a Topic to Read up On

No matter what type of first-aid training you receive, you'll probably find that you feel more confident with some topics than others. For example, while you might be okay with dressing a wound, you may wonder how you'll handle a large burn.

Try designating a topic to read up about each week. Always make sure you use the first-aid course's training materials as external resources may not be relevant. By refreshing your knowledge, you'll make it stronger.

Take Another Course

Depending on the environment you work in and your role as a first aider, you may need to take a refresher course every so often. Doing so ensures you're still safe to operate within your role and it may help you fulfil the requirements of your organisation's insurance policy.

If you're not due to take another course, consider taking one anyway. Building on your existing first-aid knowledge with additional training can help you feel more confident. For example, if you already know how to provide first aid to adults, you may want to take a paediatric course too. As a result, you'll make your workplace a safer place to be and you could broaden your employment prospects. 

Refreshing your first-aid knowledge makes you more competent. In addition to making your task easier in your workplace, you may feel more comfortable with addressing emergencies outside of work too. Depending on the first-aid course you take, improving your knowledge could have a significant impact on someone else's life. Look online to learn about what first-aid courses are available.